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Mobile Coupons and Fundraising

Mobile Coupons

Get your message out and maximize your organizations efficiency by targeting your Coupon and Deals to be delivered as a Mobile delivered call-to-action! Augment your traditional coupon strategy (e.g. Direct Mail, Newspaper) with an ability to leverage paperless digital/mobile coupons to your customers smart phones.

Benefits of Text Messaging Coupons

One of the most cost efficient and effective forms of Marketing for businesses of all sizes
Creates a database of your top customers for future interaction and future Marketing opportunities that increases ROI

Text Couponing allows your organization to reach the intended target, track the effectiveness of the offer and have it readily available to use on the one device no one leaves home without…Mobile Phone

Fundraising capabilities that allow non-profit organizations to accept Mobile payments, create campaigns, easily and securely solicit help from your base.

Click Here to Login to Create Your Coupons

Click Here to Login to Create Your Coupons

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