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Mobile Marketing Made Easy

Your best advertising ROI is in the palm of your hands. And it’s easier than you think to get started.

Introducing Text Message USA, the low-cost and incredibly effective business advertising solution that puts your brand and offer in front of customers instantly. Send limited-time offers that customer’s can’t afford to miss, clear out inventory, grow business on slow days, incentivize loyalty program members, send appointment reminders, and announce upcoming events. You can even get announcements, notices, and policy changes in front of employees more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

As traditional advertising mediums continue to slip, mobile marketing delivers ten times the response rate versus print coupons and email marketing. In fact, with a powerful 30% standard response rate, mobile marketing far surpasses even direct mail at just 4% and newspaper advertising at 5%.

Why Text Message USA?

We provide all of the powerful features and functionality your business needs like QR codes, message scheduling, and Text 4 Info along with easy-to-use reporting capabilities, set-up and marketing assistance, and knowledgeable customer service. Tap into our wealth of standard features along with more advanced capabilities including contest fulfillment, SEO review, Out-of-home (OOH) campaign management – even diagnostic support.

Combined with a leading mobile coupon platform, Text Message USA represents a valuable results-focused solution suitable for any business. Our platform manages text messaging, digital coupon creation, distribution, user engagement, and interaction to boost sales and grow your business.

Text Message USA was founded by strategic local ad sales professionals bringing years of industry experience. And we go the extra mile for our customers, regularly conducting account evaluations to make sure you maximize your ROI.

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Did you know that 93 percent of the American public owns a cell phone? Even more important, 70 percent like to receive mobile marketing offers. They’re waiting to hear from you. Start capitalizing on this engaged and responsive audience.