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Easy, Effective and Efficient Targeted Messaging

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Mobile Marketing is one the easiest and most effective ways to market any business or service

- Response rates -

Email – 3%

Direct Mail – 4%

Newspaper – 5%

Text Messaging – 31+%

How Does Text Message Marketing Work

Sign-up for Your Keyword: Select a keyword with a length of 4-12 characters that represents your organization. Example : Sushi

Promote: Market your keyword ( Sushi) and your short code number 90407 within existing campaigns, at your establishment, Online, Website, Social Media, Bills or anyway you choose get the message out.

Customers/Leads Opt-in: When a person opts-in they will receive an auto response customized with your messaging and will give you permission for future text messages.

Mobile Database: You create, customize and deliver messages to your list for special events, announcements, coupons, deals or whatever your priority calls for!

Results: Get results with one of the most productive marketing tools that exist… Easy, Effective and Efficient!

SMS Marketing is one of the most effective and economical ways to augment or start your communication strategy with your most important clientele. Our platform provides a turn-key solution that will deliver results, no matter your objective. Get started today!

Additional Capabilities/Services

  • Contest Fulfillment

  • SEO Review

  • Celebrity Endorsements

  • Experiential Marketing

  • OOH

  • SMS Marketing

  • Diagnostic Support